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Why Work Relationships Affect Our Mental And Physical Health “This study [A Meta Analytic Review of Social Identification and Health in Organizational Contexts] is interesting because our sense of being productive and competent at work motivates us. When this is ...
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Starbucks’ Power Over Us Is Bigger Than Coffee: It’s Personal. 

“Changing the business model from third places to speed lane stops will not change the underlying human psychological need. The value added to a cup of Starbucks coffee is the safe, unhurried comfortable environment that is not home or the ...
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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Ask For A Raise? Psychologists  Weigh In. 

“Obviously I have no research to back this up. But my intuitive preference when to ask for a raise would be on a Friday midmorning. The person I would ask would probably be looking forward to a weekend (hopefully in ...
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Depression Isn’t Always What You Think: The Subtle Signs

“It is striking that recent research suggests that someone with depression is less likely to visually focus on happy faces than a nondepressed person. If we observed carefully, could we notice how a depressed person avoids happy faces or situations ...
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The 12 Health Risks Of Christmas (And How To Cope With Them) 

“The holiday period can be stressful…. Parties, gift giving, food and alcohol intake, time demands and deadlines add to the stress. In addition to stress, some begin to feel a sense of sadness and loss – psychologists think of this ...
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Where Does Self‐Confidence Come From? 

“Self‐confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum.” “When a goal is identified and accomplished well, confidence can increase.”
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